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Which got us thinking: What other weird and wonderful things are out there waiting for a new home in Charleston?

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So we armed ourselves with lots of coffee and jumped head-first into the rabbit hole to see what awaited us. Spoiler alert: It was a lot of weirdness. The poster of this ad invites you to if you have any questions. If you want to create a mini version of The Recovery Room in your man cave, you definitely need this mini fridge.

Remember how Jafar had that terrifying hypnotizing snake cane in Aladdin? This elephant head walking cane is definitely your first step to being a well-dressed Disney villain Burns than a pachyderm. Pretty ingenious, actually. You can use them to pay for college! No way.

Perfect for Yes, technically this person is giving them away for free, but the very fact that they think someone will want these torn-up bug nests covered in spray paint BTW, I think they're missing some pieces? Get on it but wear a hazmat suit. Get ready for the inevitable nuclear winter brought on by Donald Trump having access to our launch codes with this vintage gas mask.

The world’s grossest couches

What on earth would someone need homing pigeons for? Coincidentally the same price as those homing pigeons. Which do you think your money would be better spent on? You didn't spend your tax refund yet, did you? No brainer, really.

A gas mask for your underground bunker in preparation for a Trump presidency

Upside: unlimited hot dogs. Downside: you have to move to Myrtle Beach. Tired of fighting for parking in front of your historic house? Buy this puppy and put it out on the street.

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At least you can make a few bucks when you end up having to park three blocks away. As a bonus, you might be able to collect enough quarters to pay for a new mirror when some tourist inevitably sideswipes your car.

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For all you beer nerds who are also nerd nerds. Sure it only fits six cans, but look how cool it is! Just a thought. Note to the poster: the orange emoji does NOT make this doll seem more innocuous. Look at those eyes.

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OMG they want to eat your soul! All 79 glorious episodes of the show that launched the careers of William Shatner, George Takei, and the late, great, Leonard Nimoy Good luck playing them in that VCR you don't have. They were either sold or the poster simply couldn't part with their dirty memories. Snoopy phone? Yes, please! OK, this is something I'd actually buy. Warning: Shit's about to get weird. Blue plates featuring a shellshocked sea captain. Broken pieces of concrete.

A PBR mini-fridge. A walking cane with an elephant head.

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Synthetic urine. Nightmare fuel, aka ceiling clowns.

South carolina Sluts

Actual horse manure. A really gross-looking leather couch.

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Ty Beanie Babies. A talking Trump pen. Your own personal bubble gum vending machine. A bunch of old cell phones. A gas mask for your underground bunker in preparation for a Trump presidency.

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This neon Budweiser. Homing pigeons. A bunch of matchbooks. Nightmare fuel, aka clowns. A majestic bronze life-size horse statue.

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A non-functional vending machine. Your very own hot dog business. This amazing birdhouse for birds that are also hipster foodies. A parking meter. Who mini-fridge. An old tractor. A bunch of old Playboy magazines. Cool old phones.

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This amazing cooler-stereo combo. Make Fun. Thrillist Serves. Social Media Links.

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